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Direct PDF Creator Features

Direct PDF creator is a brilliant software that help users to convert any printable file to PDF by making use of a virtual printer. Get ready to reap benefit of PDF files by translating any printable file to PDF. The user can take benefit of PDF files which are smaller in size and virus-free, which makes them suitable for sending in emails.

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Easy conversion methods

  Conversion is very easy and fast with Direct PDF creator which allows you to convert any printable file into PDF. There are 3 easy ways of conversion:
  Method 1: By using Right click of your mouse: The user is just required to right click on any word, Image, Excel or Postscript file and a window will open. Select the option Convert using direct PDF converter and your selected file will get converted into PDF within seconds.
  Method 2: By using Plug-ins: Open the word, Excel, Image or any printable document that you want to convert into PDF. You will find Plug-in named “Create PDF”. Click on “Create PDF” and window named “Direct PDF creator” will open up. Click 'Browse' then save by giving name of your own choice and your document will get converted into PDF.
  Method 3: By using Ctrl+P: Open the file you want to convert into PDF and give print command. Select Direct PDF creator printer from the list of printers, this will open Direct PDF creator window. Now, you are required to Click “Browse” option and select a location to save the translated PDF and give a name of your own choice. Click “Convert” and your file of any printable format will get converted into a PDF document.

Excellent Features of Direct PDF Creator in detail

Convert any printable file to PDF
Direct PDF Creator works as a virtual printer that allows users to translate any printable files into PDF format. You have freedom to convert any printable file which can be in Word, Excel, Power Point, HTML, Photoshop, CAD, Corel Draw, Illustrator files, Images like JPG, BMP, GIF and many more.
100% correct PDF
The Direct PDF creator gives you the exact copy of the file that you have translated. The translated file will not have any changes at all. The software retains all formatting, fonts, images and layout styles keeping your translated file as original file.
Merge Multiple Files
Direct PDF Creator gives user the advantages of merging multiple files in your system in to a single PDF file.

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PDF Settings
Direct PDF creator allows user to set various PDF Document properties like Author, Title, Subject and Keywords according to requirement. This helps to organize your documents in a better way.
The software allows user to add any text of his choice as watermark in his output PDF File. The user can make use of any text, select font, color, style, font size and rotation angle as per his requirement. The software is well equipped with various sample watermarks. If the user wishes then he can select any pre-designed watermark from the available ones according to his choice. It is highly time saving while gives professional results.
For full security the Direct PDF creator offers the facility to protect your file with password of your choice. Password protection allows you to control the usage of output PDF file by controlling who reads, writes, modifies, add comments to print the resulting PDF file.
User friendly application
Direct PDF Creator is a highly user friendly application that does not require any prior training or long instructions to follow for translation process.
Supportive with Acrobat Reader
The PDF files that you have got translated from any printable file is fully compatible with Acrobat reader and has text stretchability too.

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Sharing of files becomes very easy with Direct PDF Creator
Direct PDF Creator makes sharing of files easy. Converting the file to PDF makes it smaller and lighter. The recipient just requires Acrobat Reader to view the translated file.
Fast conversations
Direct PDF creator makes conversion a very fast process leaving no need to rework, no reloading. It is not a onetime use software, you are just required to load it once on your system and use the software as many times as you want.
The help file of Direct PDF converter pro contains detailed instructions for reference.
Free Software updates
With Direct PDF converter pro you can get free software updates.
Direct PDF converter pro is always there for you to clarify all your question as you can get 24 hour help support and US daytime telephone support.

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