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If you find a PDF converter that performs better than Direct PDF Converter, please send us your bill for the PDF Conversion software you bought. We will refund every cent you paid for Direct PDF Converter- no questions asked!

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Direct PDF Converter Features

The Direct PDF Converter gives you all the great PDF to Word conversion features you would expect from a premium desktop conversion software but at an extremely
reasonable price. Take look at these conversion features:
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Highly accurate PDF to Word

Our PDF conversion is so accurate, it’salmost like creating a replica of your PDF in Word. Graphics, layout, formatting-everything is retained as in the original. The quality of document conversions is very high. The document conversion software supports more than 5000 fonts, apart from True Type fonts and symbolic fonts.

Choice of conversion styles

If you don’t need a Word replica of your PDF but maybe just formatted or plain text, that’s also possible. We give you a choice of conversion styles for your documents

Multiple Word Conversion File formats

You have the option of specifying multiple Word formats like ..DOC, .RTF or Microsoft Word XML for your converted output.

Converts PDFs generated from any application

Direct PDF Converter can convert PDF files generated through any application including Word, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator etc.

Extraction and saving of images from

the PDF
Direct PDf Converter allows you to extract and save images used within the PDF. You can save the images in various formats including GIF, PNG, JPG and they can be re-used however you like.

Allows for batch conversion of PDF files

Direct PDF converter lets you select multiple files for conversion at a time so the whole conversion process is smoother and faster.

Supports partial conversion of PDFs

If you want just some pages from your PDF converted to Word, all you have to do is specify the page number or page range

Generates easily editable Word

A lot of PDF conversion software convert your PDF but the resultant Word document content is very often generated as a mass of text boxes that are extremely difficult to edit. Direct PDF converter generates Word documents that are easily editable-just like ordinary Word documents.

Multi-lingual support for conversion and GUI

Direct PDF Converter gives you the ability to convert PDF documents to Word or .rtf in 9 languages: English, German, French, Swedish, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, and Portuguese. The GUI language can also be selected from a range of 10 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Norwegian, and Portuguese.

Hyperlinks are retained in converted document

When you convert PDF to Word using our PDF conversion software, the active Hyperlinks are retained in the Word docs. which saves on time especially if you have a lot of documents to convert.

Free Updates and dedicated Technical Support

If you encounter any problems installing, regisering or running our software write to


We also provide software updates completely FREE to our registered users.

Direct PDF Converter is an independent conversion software

You do not need Acrobat or any other software to run in conjunction with Direct PDF. It is a standalone application.

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